3 Ways Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

Serpentine_Wall_FallThanksgiving is this week and many of us here on Grounds are so excited to travel home and have a taste of homemade goodness. Thanksgiving is the time of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese (a.k.a food comas), family fun, and football.

But there’s one special time of the year in between Halloween and winter break…that’s Thanksgiving at UVA!

Here are the ways that students celebrate Thanksgiving at the University of Virginia:

  1. Pre-Thanksgiving at the Dining Halls

This year, the University’s dining program challenged its dining halls to its 3rd annual Thanksgiving Throwdown that ultimately crowned one dining hall as the best – O’Hill! Students were encouraged to attend dinner at Observatory Hill (O’Hill), the Fresh Food Company (Newcomb), and Runk before voting online. Many attended all three dinners! Last year, Runk won but were unable to defend their title this year. “We want to celebrate that U.Va. Dining rooms are the home away from home for all students at U.Va., and we are sharing the Thanksgiving Table with them while having a little fun with it!” says Nicole Jackson of U.Va Dining.

Who do you think deserved to win?

  1. Trying your hardest to get out of Charlottesville

Getting out to go home for Thanksgiving can be a nightmare. That’s what happens when you tell thousands of hungry, stressed students to go ahead and go home. Whether they’re sitting in bumper to bumper traffic up to NOVA, down to the 757 or to our small airport for out-of-staters. Considering there’s only one way out of Charlottesville… students are in for hours of torture.

  1. Staying here and making the best of it

There are many accounts of students choosing to skip the hour delays on Route 29 and spending their Thanksgiving holiday on Grounds. It’s a good time to have friendsgiving dinner with other students or save their academic semester while the libraries aren’t overcrowded. It is recommended that students stock up on their favorite movies and memorize the dining hall schedule as options can be limited. Like anything else, there are some pros to staying on Grounds this break: the most important, securing a seat at the UVA vs. Virginia Tech football game.

Alums, share with us what you did during your Thanksgiving at UVA!

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