All You Need to Know About Balloons

As the Cavalier Marching Band gears up for the upcoming 89th Macy’s Day Thanksgiving CavmanParade, we figured you could use a little background on those loveable Macy’s Day balloons. Here’s all you need to know about those monster-sized balloons:

Where do the balloons come from?

They’re made at the Macy’s Parade Studio in Hoboken, New Jersey, in a former Tootsie Roll factory.

What are the balloons made of?

Polyurethane-coated fabric

What’s really inside them?

Helium—and a little air. (Macy’s is the world’s second largest consumer of helium. The United States government is the first.)

Not to be missed

Thanksgiving-eve balloon inflation on Central Park West, between 77th and 81st street

First balloon

Felix the Cat – Pre-helium! (1927)

Tallest balloons (2014)

Paddington Bear and Red Power Ranger – 5 stories tall

Widest balloon (2014)

Hello Kitty – the length of 8 taxi cabs

Newest balloons (2014)

Pikachu holiday version (3rd version)

Thomas the Tank Engine

Paddington Bear

Skylanders Eruptor

Red Power Ranger

Balloon we hope is coming soon…


Learn more about the Cavalier Marching Band’s trip to NYC and activities to help celebrate the upcoming Macy’s Day Parade.

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