Green Garlic Alfredo Sauce

This green garlic alfredo sauce is delicious and versatile! Serve it as a dip alongside some myheartbeetscrunchy raw vegetables or spoon it over some paleo pasta. My recipe is paleo-friendly and thereby also dairy-free. It’s “cheesy” and garlicky. If you can tolerate dairy, you can try using heavy cream instead of full-fat coconut milk and Parmesan cheese instead of nutritional yeast. The recipe to make this simple sauce is easy, you just need to get your hands on some green garlic.

Green garlic, also known as spring garlic, is in season right now but only for a couple more weeks! Green garlic = garlic that hasn’t matured yet. It looks like a scallion/green onion, but it has a delicate garlicky flavor. You can find this at your local farmers market. I bought this bunch below for $1 – what a steal, right?


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