10 Tips on How to Stay Sane & Not Go Crazy

Life has been pretty wild lately. Too much to do and summer LOOMS with just as much to do allisonbut no school hours to help.

I am a mother, writer, across-state-mover, home builder (well, my special bank financing is anyways), cook, and teaching powerhouse. Who is going slowly insane trying to do it all right now.

But after conversations with so many of my good friends, I am aware that I am not alone in feeling like the pace of life is making me crazy. Very, very crazy.

So I put together my top 10 tips on how to stay sane in the face of the craziest life has to offer.

(Please note, the proof is in the pudding, as it were, so proceed with caution.)

1. Check in a lot with someone you trust to make sure you are sane. Ask, “I am not crazy, am I?” at least 10 times a day.



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