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It’s my true pleasure today, to introduce you to Melanie Webb; Founder of Sol Fitness cropped-ww-header-and-logoAdventures. When I first met Melanie I noticed her incredible energy, not to mention super strong body, and I thought, I want to be like her; tough but cool, successful but down to earth.Jury’s out as to whether I’ve succeeded in this, but she’s amazing, of that I’m sure.

Melanie has a fascinating career. She has been on Good Morning America, has received numerous industry awards, and formerly trained the Secretary of the Department of Defense. Contrarily, Melanie isn’t about the glitz and the glam. She cares most about getting people reconnected with their bodies through outdoor adventures. I encourage you to read this interview with her and to learn what Melanie’s brushes with death taught her. She will also walk you through the science behind how our bodies are connected to the earth and so much more!


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