“Make a Mark: Go Global, with Guts, and Find Glory in Service” – Interview with Sophie Syed (CLAS ’13)

CEO’s say great things about you, so do the schools you attended, so do teachers and readers and co-workers around you. Many dream of this. Some actually live it.muth

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A lot has happened since your original blog entry a while ago. Back then you were still a student and now you are out in the world.

Recently you have received some great recognition for your exemplary efforts. Can you talk about your UWC and University recognitions?

When anybody asks me what meant the most to me at my university, I always say that the sophie talking to her schoolexperience of being a Resident Advisor for 3 years is what has pushed me to become who I am today. It made me grow as a person, it taught me about responsibility and making tough choices, and it taught me about how to manage my own life. I learnt skills and lessons that one can only learn being a RA for 3 entire years. It was not easy by any means – I did miss out on certain aspects of college life, but I feel that what I have gained most definitely outweighs anything I missed.

So you can imagine my shock when I won one of the awards at the Resident Staff banquet (which happens at the end of every academic year). I never once expected to win anything, but I not only received a Jefferson Cup for my 3 years of service to my university, and chords to wear at graduation, but I was also the first-ever recipient of the Gregory J. Canty Memorial award for showing traits of “fairness, humility, and being caring”. After everything I have been through at my university as an RA, it means more than I can ever explain to anybody.


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    No conampilts on this end, simply a good piece.


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