How Much is Too Much?: A Study on Choice Overload in Wine Retail

So, you want to buy a bottle of wine. You walk into the wine shop, grocery store, or wherever new-header-logo-4wine is sold where you live and observe the selection. More often than not, you’re met with aisle upon aisle of hundreds if not thousands of bottles. How does that make you feel? Are you overwhelmed? Exhilarated? Indifferent?

In retail, people can become overwhelmed by the selection to choose from, or what is otherwise known as “choice overload”. Studies in many different retail settings have shown that choice overload does exist and that it can lead to decreased customer satisfaction and decreased sales for a given store. In wine, however, the concept of choice overload has not been tested in a scientific setting until now.

Photo by Flickr user John Cooke (
Photo by Flickr user John Cooke (


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