A New Kind of Summer Bucket List (the anti-list?)

I went through my Instagram feed this morning and things are changing. Photos of toes in theallison sand, kids in the waves, strawberry picking, and sparkling drinks filled my eyes as I scrolled. Summer is upon us. We are marching, barefoot, in to a new season. I suddenly felt overwhelmed and behind.

In the past, I have had a lot of fun with our Family’s Summer Bucket List. We printed it out, posted it in our hallway, marked things off, it was fun. It gave us a shared goal and forced us out of the house. I want to be clear that I find value in that approach as it saved me one summer.

But this summer, I feel vastly different. anti-list-summer-bucket-list

I find myself wanting a new kind of summer bucket list. I look at those Instagram photos and while one part of me envies those brave adventurers, another part of me feels exhausted just watching.

I have decided I want a bucket list with just one single item: ENJOY.

I want to check that one item off every day.

And I want to do it without having to plan, organize, drive an hour, purchase a Groupon, map out the week, slather sunscreen every 10 minutes, and peel the backs of my legs off my fiery-hot leathery car seat 4 times a day.

I want to look at this summer differently, and treat it differently. This summer, I want to our family to be anti-list.


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