Tutti Frutti Cake

Gummy bears. I think we all have our kryptonite – the one thing that can cause us to stray myheartbeetsfrom our real food eating path. For me, it’s chocolate. For my mom, it’s gummy bears.

That’s why, for her birthday, my mom asked me to make her a healthy gummy bear cake – only, with homemade gummies.

Most people make gummies using gelatin, but when you heat gelatin, it starts to melt. Melted gummies are obviously not chewy. Instead, I decided to make gummies using my homemade tutti frutti recipe. Not only is my tutti frutti sweet and slightly chewy, it’s also vegetarian.

This cake may just be one of the best I’ve ever made. It’s a sweet vanilla cake that’s light, soft and buttery. The bright red gummies sprinkled throughout the cake look like little gems.

Unfortunately, you won’t see a photo of the bright red gummies… that’s because the four of us demolished this cake before I had the chance to take a proper picture. I asked everyone to leave the last slice of cake for me so that I could take a picture… but, my sneaky little brother (who is actually 26 years old…) couldn’t resist. I couldn’t blame him either (well, actually, I did…lol). But I guess this cake really is irresistible.

The next time I make this cake, I’ll be sure to take a photo. I won’t be making it any time soon though… because I know if I do, I WILL eat all of it.



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