The Dreaded 9 to 5

After graduating, did you plan on traveling to the South Pacific islands? Going to bed early and sleeping late? Or maybe you needed to pay back a few loans—or even pay back mom and dad?

Well, you’re in good company. Almost half the CLAS ’14 grads pretty much went straight to work.

Here’s how it broke down for last year’s class when surveyed:HoosNetworkGraph5-1-2015_Pie1

The 9 to 5? It’s not all bad. Here are the top 10 employers for CLAS ’14:

Deloitte LLP
Oracle Corporation
Teach For America
Epic Systems
Appian Corporation
Booz Allen Hamilton
University of Virginia
Capital One

Fortunately, many CLAS ’14 students received need-based aid that helped lower their student debt and obtain a world-class education that prepared them for the working world. Learn more about these successful students.

Source: Office of the Vice President & Chief Student Affairs Officer/University Career Resources

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