Setting Goals for Blogging

Blogging is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve learned to do in life. Creating logoimages, content, and a blog design that I’m proud of has taken me a few years and I’m still my own biggest critic. In this last year, I’ve finally come a little further with setting some blogging goals that I thought I would share here. These may be good goals for bloggers just starting out, or even for those who’ve been blogging a few years like myself.

Identify A Blogging Niche: First I thought about what blogs I like to read myself. I love blogs that contain unique original photos, and that cover topics such as blogging, photography tips, decor, healthy recipes, and personal style. Then I also thought about who the ideal reader of Casual Glamour would be. I think a Casual Glamour reader would likely be someone looking for natural lifestyle inspiration, photography advise and vegan recipe choices. Over time, these are the exact categories that have been established on the blog, hopefully these will continue to improve and develop further into a blogging niche.

Write a Mission Statement: I finally came up with a mission statement for Casual Glamour. I’m sure it could still use improvement, but it’s a start. “Casual Glamour is a lifestyle and photography blog sharing inspiration for styling and photographing a casually glamorous peaceful life. It is also a portfolio of my photographic art.” This mission works for me right now since it allows me to continue to develop my photography skills both for the blog and also for potential clients._DSC3558-4


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