How to Write a Company Mission Statement that Means Business

Something as simple as the question, “What do you do?” can send a new entrepreneur into a logotailspin.

If you’re a lawyer or a doctor or an accountant, you can probably answer those questions pretty easily, no stress involved.

However, what if you’re creating a side business, a new stream of income you feel may be your primary focus one day? What if you are just starting out and you’re not exactly sure how you will serve clients and customers?

That means you could benefit from spending some time to create a mission statement. Sounds like a chore, doesn’t it? Author and social media expert Guy Kawasaki doesn’t like the term “mission statement,” either. He prefers to encourage entrepreneurs to create a mantra. It’s a three-to-four word description of why your business exists. His, by the way, is “I empower people.”

I enjoy concise and simple writing, but I think you could add a few more sentences and be as effective.

Mission statement, mantra – whatever you call it, how do you put into words what it is you do?



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