How to Shoot a Selfie Video in 6 Easy Steps

In a camera-phone world, there is still a time and place for a professionally shot and edited video. But onrob occasion, a DIY approach is good enough — and even preferable.

I’ve done it for professional purposes once — and, as with so many things, that makes me feel qualified to advise others. So here’s what I learned about how to shoot a selfie video.

1. Don’t Overthink It

It’s a natural tendency of analytical types to overthink everything. So when I got the assignment to create a promotional video for an upcoming speech, my immediate thoughts went like this:

My shoot location, between those trees and the cliff.
My shoot location, between those trees and the cliff.
  • Where will I shoot it?
  • Is there enough light in my office?
  • My webcam is terrible. Will an iPhone be sufficient?
  • Will my iPhone fit on my tripod?
  • Where can I find a decent background that’s not too busy or so stark that it looks like I’m shooting a hostage video?
  • Etc

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