How to Create Studio Portraits at Home

I just love these yellow rose portraits that I took of my friend’s daughter last weekend. These were logotaken in the front room of my rental house. I have used variations on this set up for several shoots now, all producing a studio-like look even though the setting is actually inside my home. This inspired me to share a few tips for creating studio-like portraits in your own house.

Choose a window lit area of the home: For lots of my indoor portraits I use this set up in my front room where the background is lit and white from my front room windows. I found these old glass window frames at an antique shop and they fit perfectly into the front room windows and make a pretty, rustic background. You could also use a white wall as the background, situated so that window light is on the subject’s face.

Add off camera flash: In my set up I added some off camera flash firing through an umbrella to light her face. I could still use some perfecting in technique, but you can see in the picture below, I set up the flash to fire slightly to her right with a soft strobe (around 1/100 power). On her left some big silver reflectors bouncing window and flash light back onto her left side.



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