How to Be the Sexiest One at the Pool

I know why moms aren’t the sexiest at the pool.

We blame spreading hips, sagging boobs, and the inevitable pull of gravity. We sit aroundallisonand lament about how things don’t stay in place anymore and how terrible our bodies look after sacrificing them to the demanding goddess that is pregnancy.

But that’s not the truth.

I recently spent a week at a pool, at a place that was family friendly yet also a destination for those without namesakes in tow to mingle. It was an interesting social experiment, to say the least.

While at the pool, sipping quietly on my Miami Vice (a strawberry daiquiri/pina colada blend for those of us who can’t make decisions), decidedly ignoring my novel, I watched. I watched all the people.

Some of the women I watched exuded sex, absolutely and in all ways. Men oogled them, bartenders made them free shots, other women avoided being near them, and even I couldn’t help but be mesmerized.



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