Food Rage

I had this really ridiculous dream. I was trying to make dinner. Two hungry children were Fawnsitting at the table, napkins at their necks and forks and spoons held eagerly in their little hands, Little Rascals-style. Thump-thump-thump! We want dinner!

But each time I took an ingredient out of the pantry, I couldn’t use it. The vegetables were rotten and had to be thrown away. I took out meat and put it on the counter, but it disappeared unaccountably. I tried to put rice into boiling water, but it scattered every which way and wound up all over the floor. I struggled and strained and never managed to cook the meal.

Do you feel this way about food sometimes? Like, no matter what you do, you can’t get a healthy meal together? It’s beginning to feel to me like no matter what I choose, no matter how “healthy,” there is some frustrating/scary reason that I shouldn’t eat it or feed it to my kids. Pesticides, antibiotics, pollutants… I’m experiencing something I can only define as “food rage.” I’m so angry and frustrated about how much wholesome food is becoming off-limits due to factors we can’t control (see my earlier post about arsenic in rice).

This meal is 100% safe. Photo: Didriks via Flickr.
This meal is 100% safe. Photo: Didriks via Flickr.


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