7 Things to Do Before Leaving Cville

As many seniors are certainly realizing this week, time at the University of Virginia goes by fast! While there are countless things to do before you graduate—this list from the U.Va. 2015 Board of Trustees offers 115 activities!—we’ve whittled down to the top 10 traditions every Hoo should do before crossing the stage at Final Exercises:

1. Sing the Good Old Song

This one’s a given: it’s our alma mater, and our fight song. If you don’t know the words, look ‘em up and belt it loud at least one time—no one will judge you, we promise.

2. Streak the Lawn

Since 1937, U.Va. undergrads have dutifully stripped down and streaked from the Rotunda to the Homer statue and back across the Lawn. They say it’s practically a requirement to graduate—but don’t put this on your resume.

3. Score the First Ticket at Bodo’s

Deep within their wallet, every true Bodo’s lover holds the sacred #1 ticket they waited at the crack of dawn to get—and cherished memories of the freshest bagel ever eaten.

4. Try Every Restaurant on the Corner

Michael’s, The White Spot, Boylan Heights, the Virginian—so many restaurants to try, so few ways to go wrong.

5. Visit Monticello & Take a Photo with Jefferson

Every student of Mr. Jefferson’s University is obligated pay a visit to (and pose for a picture at) his picturesque mountaintop mansion. Bonus points if you wave at the Rotunda!

6. Hike Old Rag

Even Tina Fey did it! Make sure to make the trek early for unforgettable views unencumbered by crowds of eager hikers.

7. Make a Class Gift

The best way to leave your mark on the university, giving back helps ensure that thousands of future students will enjoy the same traditions you did moving forward.

Visit Why I Give to see what gifts seniors and alumni have made as a “thank you” for all their most memorable U.Va. experiences.

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