5 Ways to Step Up and Lead

You’re amazing! You know it, I know it, everybody but your dim-witted boss seems to know Fawnit. A few weeks ago I wrote this post for People in Charge, about how to cultivate leaders in your organization. New leaders are key to any organization’s survival and success in the long run. Half of the equation is for people already in leadership roles to step back and let others step up. The other half of the equation is what this post is all about: You, stepping up. You have all kinds of great ideas, but nobody is handing you the leadership roles. There is a simple remedy for this age-old problem. If you want a leadership role, you have to ask for it. Or just take it. Here are 5 things you can do right now to try on some leader stuff and see how it feels. Plus two – yes two! – downloadable worksheets to help you.

I have a confession to make: I was that dim-witted boss. I didn’t mean to be stupid or self-10294420724_0300cf921d_ocentered, I just had a lot of stuff on my plate. I had been conditioned to focus on putting out fires. Can you forgive me for not noticing, among the fires, that the ever-reliable, never-complaining staff member was itching to try something new? More than itching. About ready to quit and go someplace else. I made this dreadful mistake more than once, and I hope I’ve learned my lesson, thanks to some brilliant and not-afraid-to-speak-up co-workers. I want to share here a little of what they taught me about how to step up and become a leader in your organization:

(And if you’re a dim-witted boss like me, check out this recent post on cultivating leaders in your movement and your organization).

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