Travel Tips: Try New Foods

I could spend years talking about all the food that I ate during Semester at Sea (which is ironic, considering that I spent most of my time staring at my wallet and thinking “hmm… eat two meals today or sleep in a bed tonight?”). Honestly, years and years from now I’ll probably be able to identify each country that I visited by the food that I ate there:

“Oh, I’ll never forget the Borsch in Russia… I ate so much of it!” 

“I met a stranger and he invited me to share a bowl of lamb couscous with him in Morocco… it was delicious.” 

“But wait… the pierogi in Poland was out of control.” 

“Baguettes in Paris are famous for a reason.” 

“I think I cried in Brazil eating that breaded chicken at Lapas in Rio.” 

“… but my favorite thing that I ate were the waffles in Belgium. I know I cried what I ate that.” 

I even ate ox tongue in Brazil, which was probably one of the most adventurous things I’d ever done in my entire life. My friend Christian and I both piled new food after new food on our plates.

“Ok ready? 1…2…”

Here’s the process of emotions we went through while we tried the ox tongue (see my face change in three pictures):

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