Three Days in Johannesburg: My TripAdvisor Travel Guide

I often say that Joburg is a great city to live in but a difficult city to visit. It’s not like Paris or Newmasthead York, where you can just pop out from the subway, basically anywhere, and entertain yourself for days (assuming you have a big load of cash). Joburg takes a bit more time and effort to get to know and it helps tremendously if you have a local to guide you.

For exactly this reason, I was thrilled when TripAdvisor asked me to write a three-day travel guide for Johannesburg. The world needed a guide like this and writing it was pretty much the best job ever. I loved imagining that I was a first-time traveler to Joburg and trying to figure out the most exciting, enjoyable way to spend three days here.

TripAdvisor has created a fantastic format for these guides, complete with a map, transportation advice, and other tips, so I highly recommend that you go to TripAdvisor to view the  guide. But here’s a quick run-down of the places I recommended. I’ve linked to relevant blog posts that I have where possible, although I’m ashamed that I’ve never blogged about some of these places.



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Thoughts on “Three Days in Johannesburg: My TripAdvisor Travel Guide

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