The Things No One Tells You About Moving

My 3 year old was in for his well-child check, about 4 months late. He was standing there, in the allisondoctor’s office, performing his “eye exam.”

The nurse blinked, dryly, and asked, “Okay, what shapes do you see?”

“Someone’s FACE,” he loudly exclaimed.

The nurse and I looked at each other in joyful shock and giggled. It was true, the circle-thing did kind of look like someone’s face.

My 3 year old immediately sensed our mirth, of his own creation, and he was in it to win all the laughs.

“What shape is this?”


“What about this?”


After about 5 rounds in this manner, my mirth bubble was deflating. Instead, my concern kicked in. Did my 3 year old not really know these shapes? Did he not know house, circle, square, apple? What else does he not know? He is already behind in his speech, he doesn’t know numbers, can’t count, colors are a mess, and OH MY GOD I AM THE WORST MOM EVER!

My first son I spent laborious hours making little quiet books to teach him things. I treated Pinterest like a to-do list back then. My second son is the victim of, well, being the second, but also something much more insidious:  Our Move.

You see, there are some things they don’t tell you when it comes to moving. Sure, InstagramCapture_32b27a9b-8e0a-46ea-848a-ad5b6389cbd7_jpg-1024x1024there are lots of How-Tos on how to stage, how to sell, how to pack, how to organize, how to yard sale…but there are so many things about moving that they don’t tell you how to cope with.

Such as the truth that you will not have time to mother. At least, not the way you want. All of your time will be spent staging, selling, packing, organizing, yard sale-ing, vacuuming, whisking out for a showing… it eats up immense amounts of time to live in the house you are moving out of and also the house you are moving in to.

It is so hard for me, a woman who loves being a mom, to put the Mom I Want to Be aside.


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