In Sickness and In Health

Hopefully, your employees are very motivated people…and if not, they probably are not the ones William Thomasyou want working for you anyway. One problem with such highly motivated people is that they tend to work when they should not, like, for example, when they are sick. It is bad for them, and it can be bad for your business.

Employees who are ill are not going to be 100% focused on their work. That is dangerous for assembly line workers, acceptable for far too many bureaucrats, and debilitating for knowledge workers. Get them to stay away from work, rest up and feel better, so you will get their full capability rather than some diminished capacity.

Of course, coming into work does not just hurt them, it puts the rest of your team at risk too. It is bad enough to have one person down with the flu; you need to try to keep it from spreading.

And if your employees work directly with clients, you need to avoid getting your clients sick. Nothing will turn them off to your firm faster than to come in, get sneezed on repeatedly, then suffer with symptoms in the week that follows.

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