How to Pack and Prepare for Business Travel

I don’t have to travel for work too often, but at least once per year (usually in logowarmer months) I have to attend a week long conference.  Over the years I’ve learned how to be best prepared for these trips and thought I’d share some of my business travel tips here.

What to wear:

It’s best to plan all of your outfits, down to the undergarments and shoes.

Use neutral colors so that you can use the pieces all together.  For example, one pair of black, khaki, or navy slacks could be worn a few different days with a few blouses and one cardigan.  One pair of flats and one pair of sandals that go with everything minimizes the shoes you take.

Know the events you’ll be attending so that you’re prepared.  Usually I like to have slacks, flats, blouse and cardigan for the business day meetings (that are likely in a freezing conference room) and a dress or colored denim and sandals for the evening events (that are outside or in a restaurant and typically warmer).  I also will wear one casual outfit on the plane going to the destination and coming home, usually denim w light tennis shoes, a tshirt, and probably the same cardigan I’ll wear with my business outfits.  I usually have one lounge outfit for the hotel room and maybe a bathing suit and coverup to wear at the pool.  Minimize jewelry, I usually just wear the same rings and necklace all week, no extra to carry or lose.

Make sure that the items you pack fit well and that you are comfortable in them.  That way you’ll be at your best and make the most of your business trip.



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