How to Make Sure Your Media Pitches Don’t Go to Waste

I hear from entrepreneurs all the time who say they can’t get a reporter to respond to them. They logosay they reached out, left a message or sent an email to a reporter or a producer and did not get a response. At all. They tell me they are frustrated and have given up.

So I ask them, “How many times did you contact them?”

“Once,” they reply.

Tough odds

Reporters get a LOT of email. A lot. And sometimes breaking news situations demand attention so your email gets pushed further down in the inbox.

The good news is, relevant stories are always in demand. And reporters are always looking for them, so don’t give up.

How do you know if you pass the test?

Honestly, you won’t know unless you get a return call.

Until then, take advantage of the work you had to do before you sent your pitch to a reporter.



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