4 Tips For a Healthier You

After a long absence, I’m delighted to be back! Not only was I veggiecontending with a respiratory virus that wouldn’t quit for most of March (made worse by an untimely bout of insomnia—lucky me!), but I’ve been utterly immersed in one of my classes, Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT).

In MNT, my classmates and I are learning how to manage the nutrition care of nearly every disease imaginable, from diabetes and heart disease to more “exotic” disorders like hepatic encephalopathy. (Try saying that three times fast.) I’ve learned a huge amount in a very short time, and I’m truly starting to feel like a future nutritionist. I’m also pleased to say that, while the curriculum is decidedly traditional, snippets of powerful plant-based nutrition are making their way into what we’re taught.



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