10 Ways to Keep Up the Pace with the CMB

The CMB is heading to New York City this November to represent the University of Virginia for the first time ever in the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Can you keep up the pace with the Cavalier Marching Band? Keep Cavalier Marching Bandreading.

The Cavalier Marching Band:

  1. Started in 2003 with a gift from U.Va. benefactors Carl (Col ’51) and Hunter Smith
  2. Debuted in 2004, before 62,790 football fans, at the home game against the Tar Heels (Cavs won, 56-24)
  3. Includes 330+ members, representing 80+ majors from all of U.Va.’s undergraduate schools
  4. Includes very few music majors
  5. Performed with notable musical guests—the Temptations (2012) and Chad Hugo (2004)
  6. Featured in French filmmaker Claude Miller’s documentary, Marching Band (2009)
  7. Never plays the same show twice—performs a different halftime routine at every home game
  8. Pits band sections against each other in their “Section Olympics”
  9. Traveled to Australia and Fiji (2007), Brazil (2009) and Costa Rica (2011)
  10. Sings the “Good Old Song,” “Hoo Time” and “Glory to Virginia” on the bus

Now you’re up to speed. As Band Director William Pease traditionally says after every rehearsal, “See you in the library.” MARCH ON!

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