Trying to get the attention of a reporter? These three steps cut through the noise

It’s always good to get a group of journalists together and ask them, “What makes a great pitch?” logo

I had the chance to take part in a panel for the Virginia Specialty Food & Beverage Educational Conference in Newport News and met many wonderful entrepreneurs in the food industry.

Food journalist and chef Patrick Evans-Hylton, Lorraine M. Eaton, Staff Epicure at The Virginian-Pilot, John Fall, Publisher of Distinction Magazine, David Nicholson with the Daily Press, and I got the chance to give our thoughts on how we find stories to tell.

I hope everyone got something out of our panel discussion. Our free-flowing conversation focused on three ideas:

1) What’s your story?

This is the most important thing a food business, an author, even a doctor should consider as they seek media attention. Essentially, it’s your why. Why are you working to create this special sauce, a memoir, or a new way of treating patients in your care? What makes it the latest and greatest gadget, is it the fastest, best or the most revolutionary? What makes what you offer so special? Your story is the reason why anyone will listen to what you have to say over and above someone else. There’s quite a bit of noise in our world, and it’s getting noisier, but you can cut through that with a clear story about why you embarked on your journey and the value you offer to people who may want to learn more about it.


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