One of China’s brightest students shares what she learned at McIntire during her semester

Intimidating. That is what I first thought when someone asked me to talk with an xingjieexchange student from China last September. Why intimidating? Xingjie has some credentials and accomplishments that far exceed those of almost anyone her age (and most of any age). I think after you read what she shares in her interview you may well be impressed, but you will also see that she is anything but intimidating. Her road to success is not the result of any secret formula. Instead, her advice should be useful for any student looking to expand their way of learning and living well.


1. Can you tell us a little bit about where in China you grew up and where you went to secondary school?

I grew up in Langfang, Hebei Province in eastern China. It is just one hour away from Beijing and pretty convenient due to easy access to transportation. However, it is not the city I grew up that affects me the most when I grew up, but the community I grew up in. People live in that community work with my father. They have decent jobs, high levels of education and supportive families. They affect me a lot with their support and knowledge. I went to secondary school just several blocks away from home.

2. Can you talk a bit about your school? You mentioned that you were in the section for students who were thinking of studying outside China. Why did you originally think you wanted to do this?

I attended the Tianjin Yinghua International School in Tianjin. We have several international sections: Canadian Korean and British. We also have a domestic section as well. I was in the Canadian section. Canada has always been a popular place for Chinese students and a significant number of students in my high school have been admitted to top universities in Canada. Canada would be a much easier way to get into a top universities compared with having to do exceptionally well on the Chines college entrance examination—the Gaokao.

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