Hoos Ready for March Madness?!

Hoos ready  for March Madness? We are! The Hoos received the number 2 seed in the Eastern region. Alright, so it’s not number one, but we’re still going to dominate.

The first game will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina and we’ll face off against the number 15 seed, Belmont. Personally, I think we shouldn’t have any trouble passing over them. Next, we’ll have to play either Georgia or Michigan State, which I think is a pretty big deal. For those of you who weren’t around last year, we lost to Michigan State in the Sweet Sixteen round last year. Hopefully, we’ll get our sweet revenge on them soon.

I’ve already got my bracket filled up– with the Hoos coming out on top of course!

Need some inspiration to get pumped for the tournament? Check out this video about the awesomeness of the Hoo Crew:

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