#HNLive Interview with Rishi Singh (CLAS ’11) – Founder of Tiingo

Join #HNLive host Ryan Catherwood for this short, coffee break interview with Rishi Singh (CLAS ’11). Rishi is the founder of Tiingo, a free web-based financial tool for individual or institutional traders looking for less noise, less clutter and more information.

1e0ae8c (1) Rishi Singh (CLAS ’11) holds a B.A. in Echols Interdisciplinary, Quantitative Modeling. Founder of Tiingo, Rishi has experience as a trader and analyst on Wall Street.

Download Tiingo Podcasts: “How to Create a Better Investment and Retirement Portfolio” from iTunes.

Thoughts on “#HNLive Interview with Rishi Singh (CLAS ’11) – Founder of Tiingo

    Can’t wait! Will definitely be watching!!


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