Do you want to be a Global Citizen? Wise Words and Wide-Ranging Deeds from a Future Leader

Do you know the person on the right in the photo? If you don’t you have not passed a question they sebra yen with head of UNmight ask on a global citizen test were such a thing given.

Do you know people who you consider to be global citizens? If you do, what are the traits they embody that make them fit the description? Colleges, business, NGO etc. underscore the need for students to learn how become a member of this group. In my interview with Sebra Yen (the person on the left in the photo), those looking to learn how one person who fits the description has poised himself to contribute in significant ways to making the world a better place. Yes, I just used an all too overused cliché, but in this case the cliché is true.



Can you give us a little background about where you grew up, your family and where you went to high school?

My parents are immigrants from Taiwan. Along with my older brother, I was born at the University of Virginia Hospital during the time my father was working on his doctorate degree at the University. Funny story: I was actually named after his PhD. My Chinese name 少博 literally means “little doctor.” (My brother was named after his master’s.) After graduation, the family relocated to Northern Virginia and that’s where we’ve been ever since. A few years later, we welcomed my younger sister into the family and I became the middle child. All three of us attended Centreville High School, which is one of the many schools in the Fairfax County Public Schools system.

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