Use Your Meeting Time Carefully

We have suggested you should use meetings to communicate more effectively. And we meant it.William ThomasBut folks, there is a limit to that.

Meetings are very important for getting information out to your employees and clearing up any confusion so they can focus on their work instead of on whether or not the company’s about to go under. But do not fall in love with the idea that these folks are sitting at your feet waiting for great wisdom from you…they just want to know about the latest benefits package, or something. It is easy, when you are in charge, to fall into the trap of calling meeting after meeting after meeting, and letting them drag on and on and on, but DON’T DO IT.

Some bosses have meetings because they do not know what else to do, and if they can go home at night and say “wow, my day was just crammed with meetings,” then they feel like they accomplished something even though they probably didn’t. And of course, some employees like to sit in meetings because it beats working. How often have you sat around listening to someone talking about what they should be doing instead of actually doing it? Try not to be that person, OK?

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