The Drama Department Presents: Vodka Variations, an evening of Chekhov shorts

Excited Drama students have been buzzing around grounds, preparing for their latest production: Vodka Variations, an evening of Chekhov shorts. The Drama Department will present 7 showings of the salute to the famous Russian, who is said to have been one of the greatest writers in history.

Madeleine Lawson, 3rd year, Drama Major shares her enthusiasm for the production:

What is your role?

I’m assistant stage manager, which means I run behind the scenes, making sure everyone is going where they need to go!

Why did you chose to participate in this play?54dbed8cafe76.image

First of all, Drama majors are required to stage manage a production at U.Va. I picked this show, because I’ve worked with this director before. I know her style and her shows are all very beautiful. I also like Chekhov’s work. As an assistant stage manager, I wanted to get a feel for the whole show. I know it in and out.

How this play add to your experience at the University of Virginia?

Well, I want to be an actress, but I think I’ve learned more from stage managing than I have anywhere else!  I’ve learned so much for it managerial wise… how to get things done on time, making sure the creative process goes on, etc…and of course about other important things, like Russian history, how to make people laugh. I even learned how to waltz!

Why do you think its important for people to come see the show?

I think the drama department is a great community, but people don’t know much about us because we’re a little closed off. We have great quality shows… they’re worth seeing and you don’t always have great free or cheap theatre available to the public like we do here! And Chekov is timeless… his stories are light for the middle of winter.They’ll make you smile.

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Post by Debbie Mosley (CLAS ’17)

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