Make the Most Out of Your Workouts with Maggie Winzeler (ED ’08)

Hi Wahoos!

As a fitness professional I get asked the following question all the time, “How do I make the most out of my workouts so that I don’t have to spend all day in the gym?”

My answer for you: “As UVA grads we’re already trained in multi-tasking, right? Apply this principle to your workout. I have three short videos below, which precede a longer interview, so feel free to check them out. In these videos, I demonstrate how you can combine upper body, lower body, AND core exercises to get total body toning and a cardio workout. Using all of your body for exercise will allow you to get back to your busy job, family, and agenda in no time.”

This is a “thread the needle” and diagonal V jump from a plank position. All you need is a mat, a lightweight dumbbell, and effort (ahem, please forgive my wobbly ending).

Here we have the classic boot camp move the “burpee” (i.e., jumping in the air before placing your hands on the ground and jumping back into a plank). The shakeup here is that instead of hopping back up, I add a row with each arm while in the plank position. I also push my arms overhead for a shoulder press at the top of the jump. (Simple but not easy!)

Here we have a reverse fly from a plank position combined with a “plank jack” and a double leg tuck jump. This will have your shoulders burning very quickly!

Watch this HoosNetwork Live interview with Maggie Winzeler (ED’ 08). Maggie is a wellness blogger and owner of (The sound on the video is not quite synced up to the audio in some spots.)


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