Are You Living a Meaningful Life?

Our trip on early December, to Jalapa, for our second donation of sanitary pads from SHEVA, turned out to be a life-changing event for me.

On December 11th as we drove through the highlands of Guatemala on our way to Jalapa for our DSC_0310second distribution of sanitary pads, I felt this deep peace and inner joy I rarely feel during the hectic days that fly by me. As I drove through Guatemala, with the clear blue skies, the intense green colors of the mountains, the silence of nature and the happiness I felt in my heart, all I could think about was that I was about to change the life of various girls. I felt an immense serenity I wished would never end.

However, little did I know, the life that was about to be changed at the end of the day was my own.

We (SHEVA TEAM) had a whole day planned of Christmas carols and cookie decorations for the Girls at Congregación Marta y Maria. We gave each girl her SHEVA BAG, two Christmas cookies, two frosting colors two decorate, and a “Petit Avena” drink donated by LIVSMART S.A. We knew the girls would have a blast decorating and then eating their cookies because unlike most of us, they usually don’t get a chance to do this kind of activities during the Holiday Season.

But before we got to do all that, they welcomed us with a surprise presentation that included: a show, songs, an acrostic that spelled “Felicidad” (happiness in Spanish) and an incredible pantomime (what is a pantomime?). Everything was so lovely but the thing that changed my life was the pantomime, it was out of this world amazeballs.

About 13 girls of the group acted out a pantomime called “Life Without Meaning.” It was really cute to see the girls act as different inanimate objects like a car, a bed, a shower, a fridge, and a table. But the best part was the life-changing message we learned from it.

What is a life without meaning? Have you ever sat down and wondered why are we here? Why we do what we do? What is our purpose in life? What do you live for?

The message of the pantomime was based on how we should all live a meaningful life. It doesn’t matter if we are good people, straight A students, CEO’s of our company, super organized, responsible, great friends, brothers, husbands, good athletes, or super healthy, it all becomes meaningless if we do not find a purpose in doing what we do. WHY? Because at the end of our lives, we realize we are just passengers flying by this world, and before we know it, we are gone.

This message trully touched me and made me ask myself the question: Am I living a meaningful life? How am I doing that? And how can I make it even more meaningful?

I could not stop thinking about it the whole day. Since then, I’ve noticed that the way I act, think and make decisions has changed.

At the end of the day, the girls had a blast, were super grateful for their sanitary pads, the cookies and the rest of the day’s events. However, they have no idea that I was even more grateful for the way they changed my life that day.

So now, I leave all of you the same question to go over and meditate when you have time:

“Are you living a meaningful life?”

-Marcela Aguilar (CLAS ’13)


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