10 Confusing Word Pairs Everybody Gets Wrong

If you’ve been waiting with bated (or baited) breath for my next post on confusing word pairs, today is robyour day!

It was almost three years ago that I first set out to make the world a better place by ending once and for all the misuse of “jibe” and “jive” and “hone” and “home,” among others.

Check out that post here, and you’ll see it’s not for the faint (as opposed to feint) of heart. You’ll find none of the basics like “there/their” or “to/too.” It’s strictly an advanced class, as is this one.

So if you’re a grammar nerd, dig in. (And by the way, if you’re a REAL grammar nerd, you’ll understand that, technically, these are matters of usage, not grammar.)

1. Allude/Elude

When you refer obliquely to something, you “allude” to it. As in “allusion.” (Not to be confused with “illusion.”) If you seek to avoid this issue altogether, well, there’s no way to “elude” the grammar police. They WILL find you!

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