Anushay Hossain (CLAS ’02) Talks Personal Branding on HoosNetwork Live

Anushay Hossain (CLAS ’02) is a feminist journalist based in Washington, DC. Anushay is a frequent contributor on CNN, The Huffington Post and Forbes Women. In this HoosNetwork Live interview, Anushay talks about her U.Va. experience, how to develop a personal brand and her work as a writer. Follow Anushay on Twitter @AnushaysPoint, and visit her website

Questions for Anushay:

1) After you graduated from U.Va. you went to the University of Sussex in the U.K. for a Master’s in Gender and Development. Why did you pick Sussex and how did that degree impact your career trajectory?

2) You currently write a column for the Huffington Post and for Forbes Woman. How did you get anushaysthose opportunities and what advice do you have for a current student or alum who wants to get published on similar platforms?

3) You worked for Al-Jazeera English as a Digital Producer. What did that work entail?

4) What does it mean to have a digital brand? What would you say are the elements of your digital brand?

5) What do you miss the most about your time at U.Va.?

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