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Arrest of Person for Underage Drinking in Charlottesville

Submitted on Mar 20, 2015 by James Sherlock (Col ’66)

I think that the University President has made a serious mistake by aggressively linking directly to the University the March 18, 2015, incident in which Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control agents arrested third-year student Martese Johnson. I do not know all of the details of what happened, but I respectfully suggest that neither does Theresa Sullivan.…more >

Comments (9):

  1. Carol Allen on said:
    Yet another example of the out of control drinking at UVA. Rape, beat them up. What next for the drinking ...murder ? Going to college ..yes even at UBA needs to be about something other than drinking and partying. Voted best party school for 'drinking'. Clean it up.
  2. Joe LaBella on said:
    Mr. James Sherlock is certainly entitled to his Jim Crowe opinion. My 21st century opinion is that our female UVA president is entitled to stand up for UVA students, whether they are on grounds, around the corner, or anywhere on planet earth. And any UVA student, with white, black or green skin, is entitled to...more >
    • David A Gambiill on said:
      Mr. LaBella People might take you a little more seriously if you knew that the "Jim Crowe"(sic) that you invoked is actually spelled C-R-O-W.

WANTED: Retired Alumni to Teach “How to Think …” Courses

Submitted on Mar 19, 2015 by Frank Forman (Col ’66, Grad ’68)

WANTED: Retired Alumni to Teach “How to Think …” Courses
by Frank Forman, Class of 1966 and Echols Scholar
March 19, 2015

What makes UVa a *good* school is the strength of its traditional major courses. By taking these courses, students stretch their minds in many different ways, in more different ways than they are likely to get…more >

Looking for…

Submitted on Mar 9, 2015 by Paula Crivello ( ’71)

Looking to find Charles Grant who graduated in 1971 at UVA and spent some time in Monterey, Ca., as a naval officer. Would greatly appreciation opportunity to say hi and know that he and his family are doing well. Paula

Afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead

Submitted on Mar 4, 2015 by Frank Forman (Col ’66, Grad ’68)

Do you feel that faculty and students at UVa. are sometimes afraid? Out of personal feelings? Out of fear of repercussions? And what about yourself, which is more important?

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  1. Belinda M. Barham on said:
    The truth is extremely powerful and it takes tremendous courage to live in the truth. It is easier to choose to remain with the status quo of the whole and to avoid risks (the bystander theory) for many reasons, including apathy, fear of being persecuted or rejected or simply seen as different or...more >

Reflections on Jackie

Submitted on Mar 4, 2015 by Frank Forman (Col ’66, Grad ’68)

Within days (if not hours) after the appearance of the Rolling Stone article, UVa’s fraternities became the safest place on the Grounds for a woman to be (and on campuses throughout the country).

This is a remarkable claim, startling even. Go do something else that does not involve mental concentration, like straightening out out things…more >

Introducing the Alumni Forum

Submitted on Dec 11, 2012 by U.Va. Alumni Association

The U.Va. Alumni Association has created this forum as a venue for alumni across the globe to talk about issues impacting each other and the University. To get started, select “start a conversation” in the sidebar to the right.

We’d love to get your feedback on the site. Please use the “comment” button below to…more >

Comments (4):

  1. Omar Hijaz on said:
    This is great
  2. Hiram Legrand on said:
    Love the idea. I hope to post on topics of interest in the coming days!