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Will you help me start a New Orleans-style SnoBall Business?

Submitted on May 16, 2017 by Lauren Elens (Grad ’16)

My name is Lauren Elens, and I am a proud alumni of UVA’s Graduate School of Arts and Scieces (2016, Drama). This summer I am starting a shaved ice business in Richmond, Virginia.
Sara Lou’s New Orleans Style SnoBalls is a completely, self-contained mobile food cart that serves shaved ice desserts, prepared in the same fashion…more >

Discussions on Quoting Jefferson

Submitted on Nov 18, 2016 by UVA Alumni Association

A recent letter signed by nearly 500 faculty and students at the University of Virginia calling on President Teresa A. Sullivan to refrain from quoting Thomas Jefferson has received considerable attention in recent days. President Sullivan’s response to the letter recognizes the important contributions of Mr. Jefferson to the founding of our democracy…more >

Disappointed with Alumni Response

Submitted on Mar 21, 2015 by Joe Roth (Engr ’10)

After reading through all topics and replies regarding the Martese Johnson incident, I feel incredibly disheartened by the alumni feedback. As I read it, most people malign administrators for coming out against the ABC without waiting for a thorough investigation. I completely disagree with this consensus.

First, the facts. Martese Johnson attempted to enter Trinity Bar,…more >

What Honor Code?

Submitted on Mar 20, 2015 by Eugene Horn (Engr ’63)

What has happened to the Honor Code at UVA? My father, wife, sister and I are all graduates of the University. During our time any student found drunk and belligerent in public while confronting a police officer after being denied service at a bar would have immediately been dismissed from the University. He surely would…more >

Looking for…

Submitted on Mar 9, 2015 by Paula Crivello ( ’71)

Looking to find Charles Grant who graduated in 1971 at UVA and spent some time in Monterey, Ca., as a naval officer. Would greatly appreciation opportunity to say hi and know that he and his family are doing well. Paula