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Capitulating to student demands

Submitted on Oct 2, 2017 by Don Taylor (Col ’74)

An academic institution exists to impart and develop knowledge. It is run by those who have knowledge, and attended by those who seek it. It is funded by its historic investments and a bit by current tuition. Public academic institutions also receive state and local government funds. It is administered by folks who have some…more >

WANTED: Retired Alumni to Teach “How to Think …” Courses

Submitted on Mar 19, 2015 by Frank Forman (Col ’66, Grad ’68)

WANTED: Retired Alumni to Teach “How to Think …” Courses
by Frank Forman, Class of 1966 and Echols Scholar
March 19, 2015

What makes UVa a *good* school is the strength of its traditional major courses. By taking these courses, students stretch their minds in many different ways, in more different ways than they are likely to get…more >