Thomas Jefferson’s statue should come down.

Submitted on Sep 24, 2018 by Nelson Kane (Col ’85)

I don’t know of any other way to say it: statues that honor slaveowners should not be on University of Virginia property.

Thomas Jefferson’s statue should be taken down and if someone wants to put it on their private property, that would be fine.

Put a statue of Edgar Allen Poe there. Or one of Ralph Sampson. But Thomas Jefferson’s name should be slowly eliminated from all articles about UVa.

Although I am Caucasian, I feel that it is an insult to every African-American student at UVa to have Jefferson’s statue on UVa public property.

UVa does not belong to Thomas Jefferson. He does not deserve to be called “Mr. Jefferson.” This is 2018! I realize that Thomas Jefferson is an industry in central Virginia, and it would be expensive to rid UVa of his contributions. But think about it: this is 2018, and we have a statue of a slaveholder in front of our campus?!

There is a lot about slavery that we don’t know. There is also a lot that we will never know. My guess is that some of what we don’t know is more horrible than anything we do know. That is another reason to rid ourselves of Thomas Jefferson.

Comments (7):

  1. FRANK FORMAN on said:

    Where’s your argument

    • Nelson on said:

      Hi. You seem to be saying that I’m wrong. Why is that?

  2. John Larvie on said:

    Nelson, how neo-Bolshevik of you to propose consigning the founder of your alma mater to the status of a non-person! Do you further suggest airbrushing him out of all his portraits? Evidently, since I graduated, the University has suspended critical thinking and embraced wholesome, old-school indoctrination. The Soviets got children to denounce their parents, so your condemning the founder of your alma mater marks great ideological purity.
    The Revolution burns strongly within you. You signal your virtue adroitly and wield current truth with skill. As a future officer and Congressman, why not also lead by example? You can begin with the revocation of your own diploma, in conformity with ideological correctness. Next comes expunging any record of your attendance at UVA, including Photo-shopping you out of every yearbook. Finally, you should remove yourself from this forum. Then we can continue discussion of your proposal further.

  3. Ti Yung on said:

    Unfortunately, bringing down his statue would not be the equivalent of eliminating the system of White Supremacy. So, there should be an order to how things are handled in this world. That is through Truth, Correctness, and Justice. I appreciate your passion.

  4. Adam Rose on said:

    “It’s the current year” is not an argument. Not even if you say it twice and use exclamation marks both times