Beta Bridge Daily

Submitted on Oct 2, 2017 by Elizabeth Spear (Col ’16)

Hi all,

My name is Elizabeth and I am a member of the Photography Club at UVa. We have launched a new project called Beta Bridge Daily after a realization that with every layer of paint, a story is lost. It is such a cemented tradition at UVa, continuously appearing in the list of “Things To Do Before I Graduate” that we felt it was important to form a team responsible for recording changes in Beta Bridge and aiding the creation of a shared history in the UVa community.

I (and the rest of the club) invite you to take a look at the Facebook page, Beta Bridge Daily, and reminisce. ( Additionally, if you happen to have any pictures of Beta Bridge from when you painted it, I would love to use them as a ‘throw back.’

Elizabeth Spear

Comments (2):

  1. Nelson Kane on said:

    It’s too bad that alumni don’t know about this forum! The forum needs to have a Facebook page.

  2. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy on said:

    No, Facebook is never a necessity for freedom of speech in the USA and certainly not at UVA!