Rolling Stone editors

Submitted on Apr 7, 2015 by Michael Grow (Com ’66)

Rolling Stone not firing editors responsible for rape article? Can’t we begin a grass roots groundswell of indignation demanding they be fired for gross incompetence and lack of professionalism for damaging so many reputations and setting back the cause of women’s safety on campuses? C’mon man!

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  1. Our own University president violated the law following the Rolling Stone outrage on said:

    By shutting down the fraternity system and imposing additional restrictions without any finding of guilt by a court of law, she violated the students First and Fourteenth Amendment Rights. She is a disaster. We need a president with legal training to stop making decisions that seem well intentioned but pander to the cause de jour who will temper decision making within the bounds of existing law. I’m waiting for the social justice movement to tell her to take down statutes of Jefferson – I am afraid she will do it.