Who was in the wrong? Get the facts.

Submitted on Mar 21, 2015 by Mike Fitzpatrick (Engr ’72)

When making decisions, we should do the best we can to contain our gut emotions and rely on the facts to draw the appropriate conclusion.

From media reports, it appears Mr. Johnson attempted to enter an Irish bar on the Corner during the evening of St. Patrick’s Day. He was carded and because he was underage (20) he was denied entry to the bar. If he left peacefully and was subsequently accosted by ABC officers, then the officers were in the wrong and should face the appropriate consequences.

If however, Mr. Johnson did not leave peacefully, then he was in the wrong and should face the appropriate consequences (which would include being detained and arrested at the scene).

I assume since it was a busy St. Patrick’s Day evening, there are a number of witnesses to the actual event. Hopefully the authorities can quickly get the facts and resolve this incident in an appropriate manner.

Comments (2):

  1. Tammy on said:

    Well said, Mike. It’s a shame at least two university personnel (Martin and Apprey) did not take that advice.

  2. Shawn on said:

    According to the bar owner, he did leave peacefully.