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Submitted on Aug 28, 2019 by Andrea Mackey (Friend)

Does anyone know who I could contact to have a yearbook reprinted and where I could find out about an alumni? My Father Andrew Walter was a student around the ‘70’s. I believe that he majored in History. He died when I was little and I would love to find one of his yearbooks.
Thank you!…more >

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  1. James Sherlock on said:
    Dr. King’s Dream or George Orwell’s Nightmare – the University of Virginia at a Crossroads by James C. Sherlock (College ’66). See for my letter to President Ryan in response to the report of his Racial Equity Task Force.
  2. Raj on said:
    Oh! I hope the uni has all the past records and you get your father's yearbook reprinted! It must be a great feeling learning about your father's student life!

Middle East Peace Proposal

Submitted on Dec 5, 2017 by FRANK FORMAN (Col ’66, Grad ’68)

by Frank Forman
August 15, 2017

1. Christian Evangelicals have become more and more sentimentalized. Out is the stern Jehovah of the Old Testament; in is the kindly, helpful Jesus of the New. Out is sin and punishment; in is sin and forgiveness. Out is Bach; in is soft Christian rock. Out…more >

Beta Bridge Daily

Submitted on Oct 2, 2017 by Elizabeth Spear (Col ’16)

Hi all,

My name is Elizabeth and I am a member of the Photography Club at UVa. We have launched a new project called Beta Bridge Daily after a realization that with every layer of paint, a story is lost. It is such a cemented tradition at UVa, continuously appearing in the list of “Things To…more >

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  1. Nelson Kane on said:
    It's too bad that alumni don't know about this forum! The forum needs to have a Facebook page.
  2. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy on said:
    No, Facebook is never a necessity for freedom of speech in the USA and certainly not at UVA!

Enhanced medical service

Submitted on Oct 2, 2017 by Lloyd Givan (Educ ’92)

I am interested in finding out what students who participate in ROTC, on Club Teams and Intramural Sports feel about the treatment options available to them should they suffer an injury in the sprain or strain category. Also, if that injury requires surgery and recovery do you feel like the services available to you are…more >

New Mobile Accessory on Kickstarter

Submitted on Oct 2, 2017 by Scott Bauer (Col ’08)

Hey Everyone – My name is Scott (College ’08) and just wanted to share a project I’ve been working on called OnYou. We’ve developed a magnetic smartphone accessory that improves upon those armbands you see people use at the gym to hold their phone/music player.

Our Kickstarter is live now at where you can learn…more >

Removing History…An Affront to Everything Mr. Jefferson Held Dear

Submitted on Oct 2, 2017 by Richard Thomas Purkins (Col ’83)

I read with great consternation and sadness today that the University has agreed to cave to extremist groups and remove the Plaques commemorating those students and alumni who died serving Virginia during the Civil War. This is not only an affront to the light of truth that Mr. Jefferson spoke of…but also a sad statement…more >

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  1. William G Northen Comm 72 LM on said:
    Custer spared the University from destruction due to persuasion from faculty members.
  2. Sarah (CLAS 1993) on said:
    Many good points here. I still remember the Cosby Show fondly, even though it's clear what Bill Cosby's legacy will be. History can't be changed. It's important to identify and recognize the great leaders of their time, and it's humbling and instructive to us all to recognize their faults. Thomas Jefferson still...more >

Capitulating to student demands

Submitted on Oct 2, 2017 by Don Taylor (Col ’74)

An academic institution exists to impart and develop knowledge. It is run by those who have knowledge, and attended by those who seek it. It is funded by its historic investments and a bit by current tuition. Public academic institutions also receive state and local government funds. It is administered by folks who have some…more >

White supremacist rally

Submitted on Aug 17, 2017 by Andrea McKinney (Com ’75)

What has been the official response to the hate groups marching in Charlottesville? I understand that two of the march’s organizers are UVA graduates. I saw some statement from the rector on-line and a fairly pusillanimous statement from Sullivan. Is that all we get?

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  1. UVA Alumni Association on said:
    Hi Andrea, we've been compiling statements as they come out here: You can also visit the UVA Today site ( and the main UVA site ( for additional information.

Peace Plan for the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea

Submitted on Jul 31, 2017 by Frank Forman (Col ’66, Grad ’68)

by Frank Forman, BA (math) 1966, ABD and MA (economics) 1968, and Ph.D. George Mason 1985.
July 31, 2017

[This is dedicated to the memory of Otto Warmbier and to Tom Faulders, the retired director of the Alumni Association and founder of this great discussion list. To honor my…more >

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  1. Don Taylor on said:
    Audacious and outside-the-box! Just the sort of thing the current Prez might actually do. Have you passed it on to hi, yet?
  2. FRANK FORMAN on said:
    Thanks for the compliment. I agree that our current Deal-Maker-in-Chief is the one to do something along the lines I suggested. My dissertation director, James. M. Buchanan distinguished between the "truth mode" (find out what is best and forget about the Constitution) as opposed to the "exchange model" (which is very must in the spirit...more >

Lynne Henderson

Submitted on Jul 11, 2017 by Larry O'Connell (Friend)

I am trying to locate / contact Lynn Henderson (maiden name) whom I last saw in 1961. If you know how I can reach her, please let me know or give her my email address. Thank you!

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  1. UVA Alumni Association on said:
    Hi Larry! We've looked but have been unable to find a record of Lynn(e) Henderson. If you have any more information (e.g. class year), we might be able to dig a little deeper. Otherwise, good luck in your search!