Join our Fall DC Lecture + Reception with Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning, Andrew Mondschein

Thursday, October 10th
6:00pm – 8:00pm
HDR Architecture (Washington Blvd Address)
(Clarendon Metro)


Transportation systems and cities are changing more rapidly that ever, particularly as new technologies bring new ways to travel to our streets. Not just driver-less cars, but micromobility, shared mobility, and information technologies are all having an increasing impact of not just how people travel but the way we live in cities. However, the same fundamental qualities that make a great city – choice, opportunity, comfort, vibrancy, sustainability and diversity – remain the same. Andrew Mondschein discusses how cities, planners, designers, and others interested in the urban public realm can work to ensure that new technologies contribute to these objectives rather than erode our sense of control and belonging.

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