Can you solve the mystery?

Wednesday, September 19th
7:00pm – 8:00pm
Breakout Games DC
(Falls Church)

$25 for one ticket
2 for $45 until September 9th

This isn’t your average outing or everyday experience – Breakout is for those who would rather solve mysteries than watch someone else have all the fun, With 4 different rooms that follow unique storylines, you and your friends have 60 minutes to escape your adventure choice by cracking codes, solving puzzles, and following clues. Part problem solving, part adrenaline, end-to-end fun.

We will be divided into teams of 6-8 and can choose from the following rooms:
Operation Casino
The Kidnapping
Museum Heist
For more information, check out the Breakout Games DC website here.

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For more information, please contact Victoria (CLAS ’16) and David (CLAS ‘13) at