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Stress Management for the Busy Professional (and Anyone Else Who is Feeling Stressed Out)

Find 7 strategies for managing and reducing stress.

Sep 16, 2016

When People Make You Tired: Networking for Introverts!

We all know the importance of networking – it can lead to nice raises, interesting new jobs, and completely revitalized careers. Who doesn’t want to pick up the phone...
Jun 3, 2016

Careers in Advancement: More Than Fundraising

Join AJ Davidson, Talent Acquisition Manager for the UVA advancement community, to learn more about what it means to pursue a career in advancement. Advancement is a relatively young...
May 6, 2016

How to Write Emails and Job Apps Like a Total Pro

Writing skills are a critical part of a career in any industry. When we learn to compose emails with impact, they can lead to new relationships and change our...
Apr 1, 2016

How to Network With Alumni

Networking is a key step in a successful job search. Conversations with other people can help you learn more about an occupation or organization and explore different career paths. However, many people find networking to be difficult. They share that they: Don’t know what to say Feel intimidated Don’t want to bother anyone Are introverted […]

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How Alumni Career Engagement Can Help

Some of you have asked us what Alumni Career Engagement has to offer.  We’re happy to share information with you about the services and resources we provide, and how we can help. We serve alumni of all UVA schools, at all stages of their careers.  We can help with: Job search Career transition Resume and […]

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Act Your Way to Career Success: Strategies for Effective Communication

Too often we go from meeting to meeting, phone call to phone call, without stopping to think strategically about what we want from that interaction and how we’re going...
Jan 8, 2016

Reinvigorating Your Career: Getting Past the Job Blahs

When you think about your current job, do you feel: Dissatisfaction or a loss of passion in your work? Bored or a lack of fulfillment and/or inspiration? That there...
Jan 23, 2015

Impact Investing: How to Align your Career with your Values

The University of Virginia’s alumni have always been committed to making a positive benefit on society; you may remember serving with Madison House or engaging with a Charlottesville community...
Jan 9, 2015

Negotiation at Work – Part Art, Part Science

Did you ever wonder what is up for negotiation at work? Debbie Allan reveals what you can—and should be—negotiating in your existing (or new) job. You will get practical...
Nov 7, 2014

Magnetic Networking: How To Make Meaningful Connections

Networking is more than just memorizing names and handing out business cards, and in this webinar, you’ll learn exactly how to expand your network and your influence. Join keynote...
Oct 10, 2014

Board Membership: Enhance Your Career, Improve Your Community

Being an effective member of a non-profit or professional board can serve not only as a career networking opportunity but as a way to help your community. Suzanne Israel...
Aug 22, 2014