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Career Event Tag: Leadership

Level Up: Move from Entry Level to Next Level

Many entry level roles look pretty much alike: wrangling projects to keep them on time and within budget, creating reports/presentations/proposals and scrutinizing every last detail, doing research, and most of all, helping senior staff look awesome in front of their clients. If you’re great at these things, you’re at risk of getting stuck in the […]

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Living with Purpose – Family, Fun & Freedom

In today’s fast-paced society, more people (than ever) are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. In this empowering webinar, Marlon Smith (Engr ’90) shares insights for living a more-fulfilling and productive life while enjoying greater work-life balance. Get ready because real-life strategies and solutions will be shared. UVA’s Alumni Career Engagement is happy […]

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Magnetic Leadership: the Four Characteristics of an Authentic Leader

In this webinar, executive coach and consultant Lauren Fritsch shares her model for Magnetic Leadership. You’ll learn the top four characteristics and behaviors of strong leaders and how to cultivate your own leadership no matter where you are on the corporate ladder. Find out why “bad” leaders can sometimes get good results; Discover where you […]

Consulting 101

The consulting field can be difficult to understand and tough to break into. Jenny Rae Le Roux tells you what you need to know about consulting—from an overview of the industry and the big players, to networking and recruiting, to resumes and interviews that land those sought-after consulting positions! She’ll give you insider tips on […]

Magnetic Networking: How To Make Meaningful Connections

Networking is more than just memorizing names and handing out business cards, and in this webinar, you’ll learn exactly how to expand your network and your influence. Join keynote speaker and consultant Lauren Fritsch (Col ’03) to learn the secret of “Magnetic Networking.” She’ll share her favorite tools to help you attract jobs, clients and […]

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Board Membership: Enhance Your Career, Improve Your Community

Being an effective member of a non-profit or professional board can serve not only as a career networking opportunity but as a way to help your community. Suzanne Israel Tufts (Law ’82) shares her best practices for board membership. Topics will include: Joining a Board:  how to position yourself, how to interview, what is expected […]

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The Inside Scoop: Life in the Foreign Service

What is it like to be an American diplomat posted abroad in a US Embassy? How does one enter the Foreign Service? What is a typical Foreign Service career? How do Foreign Service Officers interact with the State Department at home? What other US Government departments offer opportunities abroad? Join Michael Butler as he answers […]

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Developing a Business Plan to Start, Grow, or Revitalize Your Company

Baseball player Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you probably won’t get there.” In the case of both sports and business, he’s absolutely right. Importantly, in business, there is a critical tool that helps you both state where you’re going and how you’ll get there; that tool is your business […]

Find Meaning in Your Work and Perform at Your Best

Do you sometimes struggle to find meaning in your work? Do you want to consistently perform at your best? Would you like to be a more effective leader? If any of your answers are yes, you should attend this webinar! When you find your work meaningful, you willingly commit to excel beyond your job requirements. […]

A Journey to Exceptional Leadership

Take a moment and ask yourself, WHO AM I AS A LEADER? How do I affect the lives of those who follow and the communities that I serve? Join Betty Shotton in an exploration of your unique leadership character. With a passion for the important role that leaders play in the evolution of our societies, […]