Blogging and Social Media for Professionals

Originally Aired:
Apr 25, 2014

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Jennifer McDonald
Col ’91, Educ ’97

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Jennifer McDonald

Should you blog? Can a blog help advance your job or career? What platform should you use? Jennifer McDonald shares her expertise as a blogger (and blogging consultant) who has launched numerous personal and professional blogs. She will address the reasons for blogging, what it takes to start a blog, how to expand your blog’s audience, and ways to incorporate social media into your blogging plans.

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Jennifer McDonald (Col ’91, Educ ’97) is an experienced blogger and consultant, and she freely admits that she spends far too much time on social media. You can see two of her blogs at and  She lives in Charlottesville with husband and daughters. She does manage to tear herself away from her computer, tablet, and laptop in order to hike, read, travel, and more.